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BizVoice/Indiana Chamber – September/October 2017

Venture capital seems like a straightforward term. Venture

is generally defined as a risky or daring journey or

undertaking. Capital, in this context, is simply money. In

other words, venture capital (VC) is investing financial

resources in the hope the risky journey delivers a profitable

return on investment based on the company’s success.

But VC comes in many shapes and forms. The terminology –

early stage, seed, Series A, scale, mezzanine, etc. –

doesn’t always carry universal meaning. And in at least

one area, growth capital to help take an organization with

a strong early start to the next level, Indiana is lacking in homegrown resources.

Starting on Page 20, we take a look at the VC dilemma (Indiana ranks 35th in the latest

Indiana Vision 2025

Report Card metric) on several fronts. A roundtable discussion is

followed by stories on angel investing, a growing number of out-of-state firms doing

business in Indiana and two pages of explanatory charts and graphics. We’re confident

these will provide you with a firmer understanding of the VC world.

Our yearlong innovation series focus on Recovery Force (Page 34) also examines how

that company has financed its efforts. Most of the money thus far has come from within

the state, but it is reaching the stage where future investments are likely to be from the


We keep the spotlight on money with a banking/finance/investment special section.

The lead story on financial fraud provides some startling examples of the intricate

challenges businesses face today. Additional articles deliver insights on federal regulations

and trends in retirement plans. We also profile some fast-growing organizations in the

banking and accounting worlds.

Is it true that “money makes the world go round” (a popular saying as well as song from

the early 1970s movie Cabaret)? Whether you believe so or not, there’s no denying that

it is a critical ingredient in business start-ups, investment, growth and operations.

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