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BizVoice/Indiana Chamber – May/June 2017

days of paid time off per year to volunteer. Another focus is equality.

Efforts include continuous monitoring for pay gaps and standing

against potentially discriminatory legislation.

“We want to ensure that the people that we care about – all of

our employees in Indiana and customers who visit there – are being

protected when laws are discriminatory. Standing up for what we

believe in is in line with our values,” York adds.

T&W Corporation employs 36 in the construction industry.

This is the first year the company has applied for and been

selected as a Best Place to Work in Indiana.

Longevity is one of the greatest recruiting tools for T&W

Corporation, says executive vice president Steve Shehorn.

“Tenure is a pretty loud statement to most potential hires that are

looking for a place to stay. We’re a very family-oriented company and

flexible with our employees,” he relates.

T&W Corporation is also celebrating 50 years in business next

year. Shehorn calls the anniversary and the Best Places to Work

designation a “double positive.”

Ensuring collaboration between multiple generations is critical for

the company’s continued success.

“More of us are getting older and see retirement on the horizon.

We’ve got a great company with a great reputation, and we have to

build some sustainability in this company. We’ve got to be highly

intentional about getting young people in here, or we’ll run out of

time,” he concludes.

that talent with other high achievers.

“We participate in the (TechPoint) Xtern program and Orr

Fellowship, and we generally get really good young talent,” Holm

expounds. “If we’re looking for first-time tech talent in the state, we

generally find that here. If we’re looking for senior tech talent,

we’ll look in Chicago and maybe a couple of other markets through

search firms.”

Aside from the traditional workplace benefits or on-site facilities,

an attractive amenity at a tech company is simply the ability to create.

“Another thing we offer is creative freedom,” Loveys states. “If

you have an idea either for an application you want to build for a client

or a solution you want to build for a customer, you can pitch it to

management. We don’t put people in a box or tell them, ‘This is the

only thing you can do.’ ”

These combined factors are helping companies separate themselves

from competitors. The leaders consider placement on the Best Places

to Work list an achievement worth promoting to potential hires.

“We’ll definitely use it to recruit,” Holm concludes. “There are

others on the list who have used it against us in the past, so I think it

will help. We plan to actively market the award on our web site and in

recruitment activities.”


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