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BizVoice/Indiana Chamber – July/August 2014
Indiana HR Web Site
This web site is a must-have
resource for HR pros and
small business owners,
and gives you access to
HR news, 15 HR-related
searchable online reference
guides (a value of $950 in itself), and more to
help you do your job. Price: $599 (for 12 months
of access).
We’re offering a 50% discount off
the listed price for a limited time (just use the
code INHR50 when ordering), and 10-day free
trials are available.
Employee Benefits
Guide (4th Edition)
A simple reference guide
designed to help employers
understand employee
benefits and create an
employee benefits package
that is both contemporary
and competitive. Authored by Ogletree
Deakins. Price: $109
Indiana and Federal
Mandatory Poster Sets
This set of three laminated
posters includes all
mandatory Indiana and
federal employment
postings. Our poster sets
feature next-day shipping
and include the newly
revised FMLA posting, as well as an Indiana
minimum wage notice. Regular price: $45
Model Employee
Policies for Indiana
Employers with
CD-ROM (Sixth Edition)
Designed to assist
employers in creating an
employee handbook.
Contains numerous sample
policies with legal commentary to assist
employers in understanding what policies can
increase employee morale and prevent
employment lawsuits. Authored by Bose,
McKinney and Evans LLP. Regular price: $95
Employment Law
Handbook (Ninth
This comprehensive
handbook helps employers
determine which Indiana
and federal laws they are
required to comply with and
to understand their rights and responsibilities
under these laws. Authored by Faegre Baker
Daniels LLP. Price: $149
Indiana Taxation
2013-14 Edition
A complete, plain-English
guide to Indiana taxes that
allows employers to
reference Indiana tax laws
and determine which laws
pertain to their companies. Over 500 pages of
useful guidance. Authored by Ice Miller LLP.
Price: $149
Indiana Employment
Forms (4th Edition)
This guide is a
comprehensive collection
from A-Z of more than 120
human resource forms and
letters for Indiana
employers, ranging from
the interviewing process to discipline and
discharge procedures. Authored by Ice Miller
LLP. Price: $149
The Supervisor’s Handbook (Second Edition)
Supervisory employees play a critical role in any business.
The Supervisor’s Handbook explains supervisors’ rights
and responsibilities under state and federal law and
answers a variety of questions related to employee issues.
Authored by Faegre Baker Daniels.
Price: $99
For more information, or to order: (317) 264-6888,
When ordering, please use priority code: BV
If your company is interested in advertising opportunities in the Indiana Chamber’s regulatory compliance manuals, contact Jim Wagner, business
development director, at (317) 264-6876
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