BizVoice -- January / February 2018

64 BizVoice/Indiana Chamber – January/February 2018 The scene: A hectic emergency room. The patient: An individual with life-threatening injuries. The challenge: Intubating him, which involves inserting an endotracheal tube through the mouth and into the airway. “Unfortunately, this patient – like most trauma patients – had a lot of secretions in his airway like blood and vomit, so the physicians couldn’t get a clear view of the vocal chords,” explains Maggie Galloway, chief executive officer and co-founder of Inscope Medical Solutions. It was the catalyst that “sparked the idea for this very simple solution”: Inscope™ Direct. “The direct laryngoscope is integrated with controllable suction, so it keeps the airway clear throughout the entire procedure and allows the physician’s other hand to really focus on the critical task of passing the breathing tube into the airway,” Galloway remarks. “There aren’t any other laryngoscopes with integrated suction on the market today. While it seems like a very simple invention, it’s an enabling technology. With the integration of suction, suddenly this procedure becomes much easier and safer for the patient.” Intubation occurs in four settings: pre-hospital (in ambulances, on the battlefield) or at hospitals in the emergency department, intensive care unit and operating room. Clearing the way Inscope was launched in 2014 by Dr. Mary Nan Mallory (one of the physicians in the above scenario) and Adam Casson. At the time, the company was based in Louisville. But the team relocated across the Ohio River to downtown Jeffersonville in December 2016. “We made the decision to make the leap based on an investment from Elevate Ventures,” Galloway recalls. “We met their team and really clicked, and had the opportunity to relocate and decided to take it.” Inscope quickly made an impression on Indiana’s entrepreneurial culture and vice versa. “I’ve found that the health care environment in Indiana in particular is strong,” Galloway asserts. “With companies like Cook and Eli Lilly, there are a lot of individuals with deep domain expertise in life sciences that are able to advise us that have been very welcoming and very supportive of our company.” Some of the key advantages for Inscope Direct: • Single-use device (eliminates the risk of cross contamination) • Built-in LED light source: “All laryngoscopes have lights on them because the airway is a dark space and illumination helps the physician with navigating the airway. It’s important to us that we provide an exceptional light source.” • Innovative blade size: “Today, there are two sizes for adults – size three and size four. … By providing the 3.5 size, (which is) between the two adult sizes, we provide something that works for almost all adults.” Medical Device Is Changing Patient Care ILLUMINATING SOLUTIONS By Symone C. Skrzycki Maggie Galloway, chief executive officer and co-founder of Inscope Medical Solutions, demonstrates the company’s innovative product at a prominent emergency medical conference.