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September / October 2017

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“It’s very difficult to quantify (the cost to business). A lot of places try to keep it under wraps. If they pay a ransomware and by some miracle somehow get their data back, they’re not going to tell the news. I bet there’s hundreds of breaches that are currently ongoing that no one knows is happening. … If you’re not looking for (security gaps), the bad guys are. They’re going to burn you.”

Andy Shank
Elements Financial


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“Outside firms have to fill the gap because you have a good number of quality technology companies that have gotten to $2 million to $3 million of revenue on very little capital. You’re able to see companies when they’re capital efficient, which makes it easier for us to make a good return, and they’re appreciative of us being there because they don’t have a whole lot of options without going out of state.”

Jeff Barry
Plymouth Growth Partners

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BizVoice®: Small Business Showcase

Your company can qualify for Small Business Showcase ad prices ($1,520 for a half-page ad and $1,020 for a quarter page) in one of two ways:

  • Have 50 employees or fewer
  • Be in business five years or less

“While the number of businesses advertising in BizVoice® continues to grow each year, we want to make sure companies of all sizes have the ability to reach our influential audiences,” states Tim Brewer, BizVoice advertising director. “Helping businesses grow has been at the core of the Indiana Chamber’s mission throughout its history. I look forward to working with even more organizations to help them tell their story.”
BizVoice has maintained its standard low advertising rates of $2,420 for a full page and $1,920 for a half page for more than a decade. Those will not change, along with free ads for those agreeing to multi-issue contracts at the regular rates.
The quarter-page ads will exclusively be part of the Small Business Showcase. Companies meeting one of the criteria above may also opt for the lower-priced half-page ad.
The Small Business Showcase option takes effect with the November-December edition. The premier issue of the year features Annual Award and Volunteer of the Year winners, and also highlights Cornerstone and long-time Chamber members.
Contact Brewer at (317) 496-0704 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.